Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Splendid Bohol

wanna go and visit bohol??? you can visit this site ( ) to see a lot more of this picture taken from buenavista, bohol,..

come,, and enjoy!!!

Instant PRC Passers

hello guys,, if you want to know instant information about PRC Passers,, like you want to know if your family,,cousins or friends have passed,, visit this site..

this site will give you instant information you need regarding the passers..

for what i have known,, Boholanos are born professionals..

list of bohol resorts

hey guys,,wanna check this out???,, i just post this to give you some list about bohol resorts,, there are so many resorts to choose from and to where can we get instant reservations and big discounts,,,

have fun!!!!

PPCRV headlines about election

This is a historical event in the country of the Philippines,.. This is the first ever fully automated election last May 10, 2010.. but still,, there has been delays of proclamation because of errors of sending the results form other precincts due to low in signal strength..

if you wanna more,, just view this site..
Regine and Ogie at the Verdant Pavillion,,guys,,check this out...
what a concert!!! this was brought to the audience by Ms. Regine Velasquez and Mr. Ogie Alcasid.. this has been a very successful night,, very,very enjoying!!!
to see more,, just visit this site

Monday, April 19, 2010

bread winner

Now that I am 20, I need to be independent and can earn money even just a little to avoid always asking my parents for financial support even for small things like personal necessity. It is difficult at my age if I do not extra money because school activities, assignments and projects are very demanding and depending on the allowance given by my parents and the allowance being a DOST scholar is just a short budget of my own. Sounds too extravagant? But no!,, It is the reality today..

I have found out this site needs software developers,,.. i could try this, after all, I am a computer engineering student.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Philippines tourism

I have been a traveller since i was a kid with my parents and even i am now 20 years old, there are still places in Bohol to be discovered; much more in the whole Philippines (though i have only traveled in parts of Cebu and Mindanao) . I want to explore in the whole Philippines-that is one of m dreams..

by the way,, if you want to know hot news in bohol,, visit this site