Monday, April 19, 2010

bread winner

Now that I am 20, I need to be independent and can earn money even just a little to avoid always asking my parents for financial support even for small things like personal necessity. It is difficult at my age if I do not extra money because school activities, assignments and projects are very demanding and depending on the allowance given by my parents and the allowance being a DOST scholar is just a short budget of my own. Sounds too extravagant? But no!,, It is the reality today..

I have found out this site needs software developers,,.. i could try this, after all, I am a computer engineering student.


  1. well, good luck the way, I can't click your link at bohol classified ads...why is that?

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  3. thank yo ufor visiting,, i've made a solution to that.. you may now browse this site,..